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Teaching Chinese the American Way


Teaching Chinese the American Way


Author: Guoping Ren
Order No. 1083
ISBN-13: 9781931907804
ISBN-10: 1931907803
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books
Pub Year: 2012
Language: English-Chinese
Size: 8.5 11
Page: 325
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Teaching Chinese the American Way presents an invaluable compendium of activities and resources for teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. More importantly, the resources are tailored to the learning styles of American students whose classrooms tend to be more student-centered, individualized, and activity-based than many other countries… [I]t is an excellent resource for all teachers of Chinese.”
--Ben Dunbar, Program Manager
Teachers of Critical Languages Program, American Councils for International Education

Teaching Chinese the American Way is a guide book for Chinese instructors in teaching Chinese, mostly for middle and high school instructors, particularly for those who have less understanding of the American education system. With all sizes and levels of the Chinese classroom in mind, the author provides the teachers with models of games/activities for their adaptation in order to motivate the students in learning Chinese, to make the class active, to enhance the dry textbooks, and to make Chinese fun to learn.

Most of the games and activities can be easily adapted for use in classrooms at all vocabulary and grammar levels. Readers can integrate these games and activities into a specific textbook and fit in with the Chinese language curriculum requirements of the school. Some adaptation is needed, depending on the level of instruction, the textbook used and the vocabulary that the students have learned. What make the book useful are the conception, idea and suggested game/activities. The book is also recommended for use in training workshops for Chinese language teachers.

Guoping Ren has taught Chinese at all levels in three Indiana school districts since 1995. A graduate of Zhejiang University, he was an English language instructor for ten years at a college in China. In 1993 he came to the U.S. and got a master's degree in Special Education. He continued his Ph.D. courses at Ball State University. He once served as President of Indiana Chinese Language Teachers Association. In 2008, he was invited to American Councils for International Education in Washington DC to train Chinese teachers with this book.

《美国汉语教学指南》(Teaching Chinese the American Way)是一本论述适合北美本土课堂汉语教学的实用著作,它为读者提供了汉语作为一门外语的教学活动和资源的纲领。作者将这些资源和本土汉语教学融为一体,应用于在美国以学生为中心的个体化、基于活动的教学模式中。本书首先介绍了美国的课堂文化和教学方法、汉语教师在学校如何管理课堂、以及如何用美国学生熟悉的教学方法。在本书的主体部分中,作者用他多年的在美教学经验,介绍了如何将这些教学方法应用于汉语课堂。考虑到美国课堂的大小和学生的知识层次,作者为汉语老师提供了大量的游戏/活动模式,用快乐教学、活动教学来激发学生学习汉语的动机,使汉语学习趣味化。书中大部分的游戏和活动都可应用在各种汉语水平的学生课堂,和全美外语大纲以及ACTFL的外语教学大纲要求相一致。本书曾在2006年被选为美国国务院关键语言教师项目教师培训教材,作者任国平。

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