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Chinese Art since 1980: Sculpture • Pottery Art • Mural


Chinese Art since 1980: Sculpture • Pottery Art • Mural

Author: Fan Di’an
Order No. 1104
ISBN-13: 9781931907996
ISBN-10: 1931907984
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books
Pub Year: 2015
Language: English
Size: 9 x 11.5
Page: 271
Price: $125.00 You pay only $75.00 (after 40% discount).

Chinese Art since 1980 (in six volumes) includes traditional Chinese painting (1 & 2); oil painting (1 & 2); engraving and watercolor; sculpture, pottery art and mural in contemporary Chinese art since 1980. It showcases 1,300 artworks by 1,250 Chinese artists, with an introduction to the artists and their works.

This volume contains over 200 sculptures, pottery art works and murals in a variety of motifs and themes, which had an impact on art circles and evoked a response in society. They are manifestations of high artistic standard of the creators and their cultural values stand to the test of time.

Since the start of reform and opening up in the 1980s, a lot of great works, which are creative in concept and form, have sprung up in China. They mirrored the development process of the society and integrated into the global style and trend. During this period, multicultural coexistence arose rapidly in Chinese fine arts and influenced Chinese society deeply. The 30-year evolution of Chinese art shows the conflict and fusion of eastern and western cultures. The development of comprehensive media is gradually changing the categorization of art in the traditional sense. However, the achievements of Chinese art in 30 years are mainly reflected in the internal development of different artistic forms, which seems to indicate that transition to modern art is a historical process.

Fan Di’an is curator of the National Art Museum of China, deputy director of the Chinese Artist Association, professor, and art critic. He was the former deputy president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China. His research focuses are the 20th century Chinese fine arts and art criticism. He is the author of The Art of Chinese Traditional Paintings in the Contemporary Culture. He is also the editor of Chinese Art: 1979-1999, Arts Education in Colleges of the World, and Contemporary Art and Chinese Culture, among others.

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