[Modern Fiction from Korea Series]

The General's Beard: Two Novellas

Author: Lee Oyoung
Translator: Brother Anthony.
ISBN: 1-931907-07-2, Order No. 1013
5 x 8 , Paperback, 186 pages
$14.95 (Click here to buy this book)

Two stories by a leading Korean thinker explore the ambiguities of a rapidly changing culture. In The General's Beard, a journalist tries to solve the mystery of a young photographer's death. He explores hints from the dead man's journal and interviews his former girlfriend but remains far from an explanation. In Phantom Legs, a young girl studying French literature meets a student wounded during demonstrations and begins an ambiguous relationship with him. An ironic commentary is provided by extracts from Stendhal's romantic story Vanina Vanini, in which a countess saves the life of a rebel outlaw, with whom she falls in love.

The Author

Born in 1934, Lee Oyoung is a polymath of international stature, perhaps best known abroad for his role in planning the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. In 1990, he was appointed to be the Republic of Korea's first Minister of Culture. Lee Oyoung has written many books, essays and critical writings, covering a vast range of topics: artistic, literary, social, philosophical, cultural, and political, in an attempt to promote a creative fusion of traditional Korean culture with the values and culture of the world at large.


The Translator

Born in Cornwall, U.K., Brother Anthony studied at Oxford and has lived in Korea since 1980. He is Professor of English at Sogang University, Seoul. His translations of modern Korean literature have won him a number of awards. He became a Korean citizen in 1994, with the Korean name An Sonjae.

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