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Musical Qigong:
Ancient Chinese Healing Art from a Modern Master

Author: Shen Wu
ISBN-13: 978-0-9665421-5-8
ISBN-10: 0966542150
Order No. 1006
6 x 9, Paperback
160 pages with over 100 illustrations
Published: 2001
Price: $14.95
20% off: $11.96


    Musical Qigong is a special healing energy therapy that combines two ancient Chinese traditions-healing music and Qigong. Focusing on the five major organs, this method enlivens the mind, relaxes the body and lifts the spirit while enhancing one's healing energy. This guide contains two complete sets of exercises with photo illustrations and discusses how musical Qigong is related to acupuncture, tai chi, feng shui, and the five elements in the ancient Chinese concept of the universe - metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

    You will learn:
    How ancient Chinese music is related to human organs
    Why you need Musical Qigong
    What Qigong exercises are good for you
    How to perform Qigong the most authentic way


    Master Shen Wu is the founder of musical Qigong and the director of Chinese Traditional Medical Institute. A medical Qigong doctor for over 20 years in China and the States, he is the author/composer of the audio series "Life Music for Healing" and "Musical Qigong Therapeutic Collections." He is honored as a "World Famous Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor" by the International Association of Integrated Medicine and as a "World Qigong Master" by International Association of Qigong, both in 1999. He lives in Orlando, Florida.


    Your unique treatment for pain control and healing is miraculous and inspirational ... Your therapy brings much hope especially to those who have exhausted all the recommended medical options.
    -- Vicky T. Cayetano, First Lady of Hawaii

    Of the group of patients that we have looked at, there is no question in my mind that Master Wu's treatment has led to a prolongation of quality life, as these people lived much longer than I had ever expected.
    -- Neil J. Finkler, M.D., Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Institute




    1. Qigong as a Therapy
    2. Energy Transfer in Musical Qigong
    3. Music and Medicine: Words and Their Stories
    4. The Research into Musical Therapy
    5. Balancing Yin and Yang
    6. Musical Therapy and the Heart
    7. Music Promotes Immunity
    8. Music Promotes Brain Balance and Creativity
    9. Music Is the Lubricant of Life
    10. The Five-Note Guidance Theory
    11. Fundamental Principles of Musical Qigong


    12. The Dragon Restoring Qi Exercises
    13. The Phoenix and the Rising Sun Exercises
    14. Converging Energy Exercises
    15. The Receptive Soul Exercises
    16. The Sleeping Wiseman Exercises
    17. Guan-yin Aided Natural Adjustment Exercises


    18. Exercise One: For the Liver
    19. Exercise Two: For the Heart
    20. Exercise Three: For the Spleen
    21. Exercise Four: For the Lungs
    22. Exercise Five: For the Kidneys
    23. Exercise Six: Expelling Bad Qi


    24. Shining Spring
    25. Receptive Souls
    26. A Journey in Harmony I
    27. Heavenly Tunes
    28. A Journey in Harmony II


    Questions 1-23

    Appendix I. Cases and Testimonials
    Appendix II. Honors and Awards
    Appendix III. Research and Academic Exchange



    Chapter 12

    The Dragon Restoring Qi Exercises

    There are six general Qigong exercise sets that I have designed for people with different needs. Students or patients should choose the most appropriate sets for their practice according to their own situations.

    This Qigong set can restore the Primary Qi (good, positive, and life sustaining Qi from the universe) of the body in a very short period of time, enabling the internal yin-yang balance of one's Qi and blood. It is most effective in treating the following conditions: diseases of the digestive system, kidney disease, neck and spinal problems, hair loss, bursitis, and various lung and heart diseases, such as bronchitis, expansion of bronchus, coughing, asthma, hemoptysis, coronary heart disease, pneumosilicosis, flu, etc.

    Body Movements

    1. (Preparation) Stand with feet apart at shoulders' width. Visualize the feet extending into the core of the earth. Relax the whole body but do not hunch. Tuck in the hips, lift the anus and the kidneys. The hands hang naturally on both sides. The eyes look to the front. Visualize that the Sky, the Earth, and the human body have become one. Recite (say aloud) the five sounds: Ju-e--, Zh-i--, G-o-ng--, Sh-a-ng--, Y-u--. With each sound, try to feel the vibration in the corresponding organ (i.e. Liver, Heart, Digestive System, Lungs, and Kidneys, respectively). Sub-vocalize (say silently) the five sounds again three times, and feel any sensations in the organs. Bring each sound, together with the saliva, down to the lower abdomen (lower Dantian area).

    2. Clasp your hands with the knuckles towards the earth and palms towards each other in front of the lower abdomen (the lower Dantian). Relax and feel the gathering and merging of the human body's internal Qi, and the Sky and Earth's external Qi. Visualize the opening up of the following body points: the Lao Gong points (at the center of the palms), the Yong Quan points (at the center of the soles of the feet), and the Bai Hui point (at the top of the head). Inhale with the nose while gently lifting the hands up along the centerline of the front of the body (the Ren meridian) until the chest level is reached (the middle Dantian). Do not pause here.

    3. From the chest level, rotate the clasped hands so that the knuckles are on top. Continue to bring the hands upwards. Follow them with your eyes and slightly tilt the head back as they move past the eye level. Also rotate the hands until the intertwined palms open up to face the sky and the arms are fully extended. At that point, stretch your body position vertically and hold for a couple of seconds. Visualize yourself standing on the Earth and supporting the Sky. Then look to the front and resume the head position.

    4. Separate the hands and bring them down gently on each side to the shoulder level, with the palms facing outward and the arms relaxed but still extended. Exhale through the nose during this movement. Stretch and hold that position for a couple of seconds.

    5. Slowly rotate the hands and arms so that the palms face the front and the fingers point outward. Bring the hands forward and then inward toward the lower abdomen, visualizing the gathering and drawing of the positive and good energy from the earth, sky, and human world into the lower Dantian. As the hands come toward the lower abdomen, the gentleman places his left hand on the lower Dantian, and his right palm on top of it. The lady places her right hand on the lower Dantian, and her left palm on top of it.

    6. Gently resume the clasped hand position and repeat Steps 2 to 5 for several times.

    Closing Process after Each Exercise

    7. Remain relaxed with your eyes closed. Rub the palms of both hands until they become hot.

    8. Bring the palms to your chin and rub your face with an upward motion until you reach the hair line on your forehead while inhaling.

    9. Then bring your palms in a downward motion to the starting point while exhaling (similar to washing one's face). Complete this process nine times and on the last (the downward) process, continue rubbing from the chin down to just below the navel (Dantian area where all energy is stored).

    10. Place the right hand on the left hand and hold for a while in order to store the energy acquired during the exercise (for females the left hand must be placed on the right hand). Take a deep breath and holding it for a few moments while retaining the hands on the Dantian area. Complete this process three times. The process contributes toward smooth skin and assists in elimination of wrinkles from the face. Inhale three times and swallow the saliva with the Qi down to the lower Dantian as you exhale through the nose.

    Qi Movements

    1. To begin, initiate the body's internal Qi movement. Open up the Ren meridian (along the centerline on the front of the body) and Du meridian (along the centerline on the back of the body). Open the body points: Bai Hui (at the top of the head), Yong Quan (at the center of each sole), and Lao Gong (at the center of each palm). Begin to receive and communicate in the Qi-level between the Sky, the Earth, and the Human world.

    2. The silent communication and transfer of sound and saliva to the lower Dantian (in the lower abdomen) generates warmth and heat. Qi and the five sounds (corresponding to the five internal organs) produce energy that further promotes the movement of the body's Primary Qi. With both feet stepping willingly "into" the earth, the Qi circulates up and down the whole body and refreshes the system.

    3. When the hands are placed at the lower Dantian at the start of the movement, the Primary Qi at the lower abdomen begins to gather and accumulate. Bringing the hands up subsequently moves the Primary Qi from the lower Dantian to the middle Dantian (the chest level) and to the upper Dantian (the level of the eyebrows).

    4. Extending the hands above the head moves the Primary Qi from the shoulder level through the elbows, the forearms, the wrists, the Lao Gong points (at the center of each palm), and to the ten fingers. When the palms face the Sky, the Primary Qi passes along the ten fingers and the hands are "holding up the Sky," assuming the posture of Standing on Earth and Supporting the Sky.

    5. After that, the Primary Qi goes back to the Lao Gong points through the ten fingers. At this time, the Lao Gong points breathe as the Universe (Sky, Earth, and Human world) does, exchanging energy to promote the body's metabolism.

    6. When both arms are extended out to either side of the body, the body expels the bad and negative internal Qi through the three main body points (Bai Hui, Lao Gong, and Yong Quan). After the elimination of the bad Qi, the whole body feels good. Positive Qi dominates and circulates within the body. At this time, the Lao Gong points of each hand inhale and gather the positive and good Qi from nature and the universe into the body, passing through the head level (upper Dantian), the chest level (middle Dantian) and settling down deep into the lower abdomen (lower Dantian).

    Words from the Master

    1. This Qigong set looks simple, however one should try to understand its meaning: To receive the Yang energy from the Sky, combine the Primary Qi from the Human world, and receive the Yin energy from the Earth, so as to initiate and induce one's energy.

    2. If one can master its meaning and also practice diligently, this Qigong set can open up doors to our various potentials, in addition to building up an excellent respiratory system. The same is true for the other Qigong sets that follow.

    3. This Qigong set opens up body points and promotes the communication between the body-mind and the universe during the "bodily breathing." Inhale when bringing up the hands from the lower Dantian. Exhale when bringing the hands down on either side of the body. (Also exhale through the Lao Gong points on the palms, expelling the negative and bad Qi from within). Inhale again when bringing the hands forward and then inward toward the abdomen, gathering the good and positive Qi from the Sky, the Earth, and the Human world to supplement the body's lost energy. When the hands are covering the lower abdomen, exhale and return the Qi back to the lower Dantian. For beginners, this Qigong set can treat illnesses and promote health. As one reaches an advanced stage, this Qigong set enables the development of extraordinary potentials and promotes communication between everything in the universe.

    Feelings and Results

    1. One may feel a hot sensation along the back, the abdomen, the palms, the fingers, and even around the whole body. One may also feel a sensation of numbness and swelling on the palms.

    2. One may feel a twitching and warming sensation on the feet, the hands, the face, and the lower abdomen.

    3. After practicing for a period of time, the Ren and Du meridians (along the centerline on the front and back of the body) open up and Qi flows freely. One may feel that his or her spirit becomes very positive, limitless, and alive, matching that of the Sky and the Earth.

    NOTE: There are about 20 illustrations for this chapter in the book that do not show here.



    Brain Cancer Patient Artreis Dobbins

    Mrs. Artreis Dobbins had chemotherapy and radiation for lung cancer in 1997, was discovered to have brain cancer in 1998, and was diagnosed to have 3 tumors in 1999. She had been receiving Master Wu's treatment regularly each week since March 1999. Her general condition had improved a great deal. She no longer complained of pain, slept better, and had a good appetite. She also began socializing and going places again.

    "Ms. Dobbins was seen in my office. She has undergone extensive work up. She has had a bone scan on June 11 which showed abnormal uptake in the left lower ribs, right ribs and right femoral neck. CT scan of the chest showed a comma-shaped density and questionable cavitary lesion. MRI brain in May 1999 showed marked improvement in the tumor in the brain in the right frontal masses to be proved. At the present time, she has elected not to have any chemotherapy. She is to continue her care with you (Master Wu)."

    --- Dr. Thomas J. Katta, M.D., Winter Park Memorial Hospital, Orlando, Florida

    The first MRI report on Mrs. Dobbins showed two tumors had disappeared. It was May 1999. The second MRI taken in September 1999 showed that a small area of edema in the right frontal lobe was significantly smaller than previous study. No pathologic contrast enhancement was identified. No new pathology was noted in the interval.


    Breast Cancer Patient: Carol Smith

    What Master Wu has done for me cannot be explained in words. It can only be felt within ... and then, by the outside result, one can see for themselves the 'gift of the man.' Master Wu is truly a uniquely, gifted man and has been blessed with many talents. His is a purpose not understood by many, yet hoped for by all. Not only did he share with me the 'Gift of Healing, but he also shared a rare kind of wisdom that was stored not by the mind but within each minute particle of my being. I felt it deeper with each treatment that I had. It was a gift that was given with a pure heart and a noble spirit.

    After a long journey and much intense work, it was a joy for me to find someone who truly cared for me as an individual and shared his gift of energy therapy with such tenacity, kindness and love. 'The gift of healing that was given unto me through Master Wu is, and continues to be, a 'Blessing Fulfilled as each day passes.

    Rare is the man who gives without expecting a thing in return but a smile upon the face of the one who graces his domain. Master Wu is such a man. And as they say, behind every great man stands an honorable woman. Together, the combination of the two touches lives in such a way that one shall never remain the same but will move forward in newness, health and growth. That's the way you feel after having met and spent time with Master Wu.

    Master Wu is to be commended for his contribution not only to each of us individually, but to all mankind.

    My highest regards to Master Wu for being a healer of such great magnitude and a teacher to be proud of. He is one of the few who lives his truth and for that, he continues to be Blessed in all that he does and through those whose lives he touches.


    Liver Disease Patient Eliza Mao

    Eliza Mao is a registered nurse who had worked for the Federal Government for more than 11 years. She went to see Master Wu for an alternative treatment after all conventional treatments had failed for her liver disease.

    "I found myself getting stronger physically and better emotionally each day, and practice Qigong daily and realize how important Qigong is to human body. I decided to follow Master Wu's foot step to teach people the theory and exercise of Qigong, to bring back good health to people."

    Eliza left her government job in California and relocated to Florida in September 1997, to work on trial program of cancer pain control with Dr. N. Finkler (center) and Master Wu.


    Kidney Infection Patient Victor

    I am writing this letter as a reference to Master Shen Wu's special ability to treat patients. My name is Wesley Kwan, I am registered pharmacist in the state of Florida and state of Maryland. My 4 year-old son, Victor, went to a routine physical exam and found out that his urine contained blood and protein and he has been diagnosed with a kidney infection. Under strong recommendation, we decided to let him try Master When Wu's "Qi Treatment." He treats him with " Qi Treatment" without giving him any medication. After 5 days we send him to SKB lab to do the test again. Like magic, this time the test result came up all negative.

    I have been practicing pharmacy for more than 20 years and I always believe in the trust of Western medicine. This to me is totally unheard of; the only explanation is that Master Wu's special ability and his "Qi Treatment" are really become a nice alternative and new dimension for health science.

    Wesley Kwan


    "Master Wu has given me a second lease on life."

    Leandro Larrosa, severe internal injury sufferer
    Famous international racer and multi-champion, who suffered severe internal injuries from a car accident. Following 10 treatments by Master Wu, Larrosa recovered fully.


    "Master Wu is a remarkable genius in a new field of medicine - use of resonant music coupled with Qigong. I think I have improved sufficiently that I am confident, with the grace of God?sey was diagnosed with pancreatic tumor. All of her doctors said that she needed immediate surgery. The news was so devastating to her that she felt her life was over. She was very reluctant to take the surgery, afraid that she might not come out of the operation room alive, and never being able to see her husband and two small children again. She told herself that Master Shen Wu was her only hope.

    She came to see Master Wu in July 2000 and after two months' treatments (without any other kind of therapy), the CT scan and all the tests showed that her tumor had dissolved. Her recovery is truly amazing and she feels that she has been given a second life.

    Currently, she is still undergoing treatments. The Qigong exercises, along with listening to the music of Master Wu's CDs have become a daily ritual for her. She is eternally grateful to Master Wu for his healing power. Without seeking his treatment, Susan Chang feels she would not be alive today.


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    English Titles> Medicine>
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