Homa & Sekey Books

We are located on the third floor of this office building near Paramus Park Mall.

A member of IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association) and AAS (Association for Asian Studies), Homa & Sekey Books is one of the few U.S. publishers of fine books on Asia, especially on China and Korea.

Founded in 1997, Homa & Sekey Books was initially engaged in helping US and UK publishers sell translation rights to Asian publishing houses. The company soon grew into book publishing. Currently, our publishing focuses are fiction, art, business, biography, history and culture – primarily on Asian topics. We will soon expand to include travel and juvenile books, among others.

Under our English publishing program, we not only publish books translated from Asian languages, especially from Chinese and Korean, but also books written originally in English. We pride ourselves on this publishing endeavor aiming to help Western readers better understand and appreciate the East Asian cultures that are often too far away and somewhat mystified.

We have a special program under which we publish, sometimes co-publish, highly selected titles in the Chinese language.

Meanwhile, we serve as an international literary agency helping sell translation rights of American and British titles to Asian publishers. We also distribute, to the U.S. and Europe markets, books and journals published by Asian publishing houses.