A Concise History of the Communist Party of China


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A Concise History of the Communist Party of China

Author: Chief-Editor: Hu Sheng
Order No. 7056
ISBN-13: 9787119016016
ISBN-10: 7119016016
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Foreign Languages Press
Pub Year: 1994
Pages: 873
Language: English
Size: 6 x 8.25
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The book provides a systematic account of the CPC’s first seventy years since its founding in July 1921, recounting the great achievements of the Chinese people under the leadership of the Communist Party in the new-democratic revolution, the socialist revolution and socialist construction, as the narrative, seeking the truth from the facts, appraises the important events and people in the Party’s history. The historic experiences of the Party are scientifically summarized and the lessons learned clearly spelled out. A great deal of new analysis and information are brought to the subject, particularly regarding Party history during the socialist period (1949 to1991.)

Accurate and dependable, the history sources the original files and other original documents, providing the reader with the most authoritative and unbiased history of the CPC currently available.

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