A History of Development of Tibet


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A History of Development of Tibet

Author: Zheng Shan
Order No. 7018
ISBN-13: 9787119018652
ISBN-10: 7119018655
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Foreign Languages Press

Pub Year: 2000
Pages: 508
Language: English
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An overview of Tibet from its origin to the present day. With maps and charts. The chapters include:

The formation of the natural environment of Tibet; the origin of the Tibetan ethnic group; the multi-ethnic development of Tibet; the close relationship between Tibet and the Central Plains in Chinese history; the powerful influence of the culture of the Central Plains on Tibet’s politics, economy, culture and religion; the formation of the various schools of Tibetan Buddhism and the merging of Tibet into China during the Yuan dynasty; the administration of Tibet under the Ming and Qing dynasties and the Republic of China; the Tibetan people’s “heroic struggle against imperialism and feudalism”; “peaceful liberation and democratic reform”; the realization of ethnic regional autonomy; and, the building of socialism in Tibet.

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