A Short, Intensive Chinese Course (Intermediate) (Book)


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A Short, Intensive Chinese Course – Jie Jing (Intermediate) (Book)

Author: Zhu Ziyi
Order No. 15221

ISBN-13: 9787561911181

ISBN-10: 7561911181
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: BLCUP
Year: 2003
Pages: 219
Size: 7×10
Language: Chinese-English

14 lessons of intermediate Chinese- reading, writing and speaking, and New words and expressions in English. With attractive reading materials like taking about today’s men and women, owning a home: SOS children’s country, the essay about the streets in Beijin, Beijing roasted duck and the famous emperors’ park: Chengde, and the topic about the dream and the realities etc.

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Order No. 15222, ISBN: 7887031044

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