Amazing Xinjiang: A Paradise for Travelers (Illustrated)


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Amazing Xinjiang: A Paradise for Travelers (Illustrated)


Author: Editors

Order No. 1205

ISBN-13: 9781622460991

ISBN-10:  1622460995

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books

Pub Year: 2022

Language: English

Size: 6.5 x 9.5

Page: 248

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About the Book


Located in the northwest of China, Xinjiang is blessed with magnificent landscapes everywhere. The richly illustrated book takes Urumqi, Turpan, Hami, northern Xinjiang and southern Xinjiang as the main line, and showcases the best travel experiences in each place. The book covers everything you need to know, general information, transportation, sites and local food specialties. You’ll discover the “Pearl of the Tianshan Mountains” in Tianchi, Karez system as the greatest project in the desert, Wu’erhe Ghost City with frequently howling winds, captivating Thousand Buddha Caves in Kizil and more. Besides the evocative text, the large amount of vivid images also depict the splendor of Xinjiang. If you are travelling to Xinjiang, this book is a must read as it provides detailed information to ensure the most authentic experience. When physical travel is not possible, you can still leaf through the pages to fuel your wanderlust and get inspired.


About the Translator


Sun Ruisu is an interpreter and translator. She studied at Beijing International Studies University and is currently engaged in international exchanges. Her previous translations include Man-eaters of Kumaon. She lives in Hangzhou.



目录 Contents

印象新疆 Impression of Xinjiang

010 西域风情Customs of the West Regions

012 瑶池仙境Yaochi

013 上帝的后花园The Back Garden of God

016 灿烂文化Splendid Culture

017 多彩节日Diversified Festivals

018 绮丽服饰Gorgeous Costumes

019 奇幻传说Fantasy Legends


乌鲁木齐及周边景区Urumqi and Its Surrounding Scenic Spots

024 乌鲁木齐 西域明珠Urumqi:  The Pearl of the Western Regions

028 天山天池景区 瑶台玉镜落人间Tianchi Scenic Spot in the Tianshan Mountains:  The Land of Immortals on Earth

032 古尔班通古特沙漠 黄色的海洋The Gurbantunggut Desert:  A Yellow Sea

036 博格达峰 高处不胜寒The Bogda Peak:  High and Cold

040 水磨沟 香妃沐浴处Shuimogou:  The Place Where Abakh Khoja Bathed

044 红山公园 仙人谱写的神话Hongshan (Red Mountain) Park:  A Myth Written by Immortals

048 南山景区 天山下的画廊South Mountain Scenic Area:  The Gallery under the Tianshan Mountains

052 五彩湾 千彩古堡Colorful Bay:  Splendid Old Castle

056 天格尔峰 冰雪的宫殿The Tianger Peak:  Palace of Ice and Snow

060 将军戈壁 金山道映天山冰The Jiangjun Gobi:  Yellow Road and the Tianshan Mountains

064 木垒鸣沙山 明泉照沙山Mount Mingsha in Mulei County:  A Spring Nestled in Mount Mingsha

068 卡拉麦里自然保护区 野马的天堂Kalamaili Nature Reserve:  Paradise of Wild Horses


吐鲁番、哈密景区Turpan and Hami Scenic Areas

074 火焰山 八百里火炉The Flaming Mountains:   A Huge Furnace

078 坎儿井 沙漠中最伟大的工程Karez System:  The Greatest Project in the Desert

082 葡萄沟 火焰山下百果园Grape Valley:  Orchard under the Flaming Mountains

086 吐峪沟 东方小麦加Tuyugou:   Little Mecca in the East

090 交河故城 荒台废址杏花明Jiaohe Ancient City:  Dilapidated Platforms

094 艾丁湖 澄湖光似月The Aiding Lake:  Moonlight Lake

098 库姆塔格沙漠 城墙下的滚滚黄沙The Kumtag Desert:  Rolling Yellow Sand under the City Wall

102 喀尔里克冰川 少女的白裙Ka’erlike Glacier:  A Girl’s White Dress

106 巴里坤草原 山间翠玉Balikun Grassland:  Emerald in the Mountains

110 巴里坤湖 碧波照山峦The Balikun Lake:  Limpid Lake Reflecting the Mountains

114 五堡魔鬼城 西域第一魔鬼城Wubao Ghost Castle:  No. 1 Ghost Castle in the West Regions

118 白石头景区 民族风情画White Stone Scenic Area:  Ethnic Customs

122 高昌故城 远去的辉煌Gaochang Ancient City:  The Lost Glory


北疆景区Scenic Spots of Northern Xinjiang

128 阿尔泰山 锦绣千里The Altai Mountains:  Splendid Landscapes

132 喀纳斯湖 彩色的梦The Kanas Lake:  A Colorful Dream

136 赛里木湖 大西洋的最后一滴眼泪The Sailimu Lake:  The Last Drop of Tears of the Atlantic

140 果子沟 山间仙境Guozigou Valley:  Fairyland in the Mountains

144 艾比湖 候鸟的驿站The Aibi Lake:  Station for Migratory Birds

148 五彩滩 天下第一滩 Colorful Beach:  The No.1 Beach in the World

152 怪石峪 静止的童话Guaishi Valley:  Fairy Tale at a Standstill

156 阿尔夏提风景区 雪山公主的花园Alshati Scenic Spot:  Garden of Princess Snow Mountain

160 伊宁 塞外江南Yining:  Jiangnan Beyond the Great Wall

164 伊犁河 金色丝带The Yili River:  A Golden Ribbon

168 可可托海 蓝色的河湾Keketuohai:  A Blue Bay

172 巩乃斯草原 丰盛的天堂Gongnaisi Grassland:  A Richly-endowed Paradise

176 瀚海柳浪风景区 生命的交响曲Red Willow Scenic Spot:  Symphony of Life

180 惠远古城 园林中的古镇Huiyuan Ancient Town:  An Ancient Town with Parks

184 巴音布鲁克草原 武陵人的桃花源Bayanbulak Grassland:  A Grassland Getaway

188 乌尔禾魔鬼城 地狱之音Wu’erhe Ghost City:  Voice of Hell


南疆景区Scenic Spots in Southern Xinjiang

194 天山神秘大峡谷 红色山崖Tianshan Grand Canyon:  Red Cliffs

198 托木尔峰 天山第一峰The Tuomuer Peak:  The Highest Peak of the Tianshan Mountains

202 克孜尔千佛洞 哀伤的记忆Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves:  Sad Memories

206 夏塔古道 被遗忘的美Xiata Ancient Road:  Forgotten Beauty

210 帕米尔高原 天堂之下The Pamir Plateau:  Under the Heaven

214 阿尔金山 野生动物的领地The Altun Mountains:  Realm of Wildlife

218 罗布泊 再现的传奇Lop Nur:  A Reappearing Legend

222 楼兰古城 消失的文明The Ancient City of Loulan:  Disappeared Civilization

226 博斯腾湖 内陆沧海The Bosten Lake:  An Inland Sea


附录  味道新疆Appendix:  A Bite of Xinjiang

232 羊肉串Mutton Shashliks

234 切糕Nut Cake

236 大盘鸡Dapanji (Big Plate Chicken)

238 马肠子Horse Meat Sausage

240 奶茶Milk Tea

242 酸奶疙瘩Yogurt Lumps

244 香馕Naan

245 拉条子Xinjiang Noodles

246 皮辣红Tiger Salad

247 油塔子Steamed Oily Bread

248 哈密瓜Honeydew

250 绿葡萄Green Grapes

251 那拉提蜂蜜Nalati Honey

252 库车白杏Kuche White Apricot

253 库尔勒香梨Korla Fragrant Pear

254 葡萄干Raisins

255 大枣Jujube


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