Ankylosing Spondylitis


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Chinese Medicine Massage Cures Diseases in Good Effects: Ankylosing Spondylitis


Demonstrator: Deng Suling

Order No. D5026

ISBN: 7884082276

EAN: 6937475387029

Picture Format: NTSC (good for North American users)

Length: 60 min.

Number of Disc: 1

Language: Chinese with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles

Publisher: Qilu Audio and Video Press

Pub Year: 2007.5

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Chinese medical massage has unique and marvelous effect. With the hand forms of press, knead, push, seize, point, press, pinch, it can stimulate the related points of the body, improve the circulation of the blood, and the metabolism, so as to eliminate the tiredness, cure the disease and strengthen the body, keep fit and extend the processing of aging, and prolong life.

Straight rachitis belongs to rheumatism, a chronic disease caused by the pathological changes of the spine. The DVD shows the massage techniques to cure this disease and relieve symptoms. A function exercise is introduced in the video as well. Practicing massage with it gets the best effect for the recovery.

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