Atlas of World Heritage: China


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Atlas of World Heritage: China

Author: National Commission of the People’s Republic of China for UNESCO

Order No. 3196

ISBN-13: 9781592650606

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Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Long River Press

Pub Year: 2005

Pages: 187 p. Color illustrations throughout

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By the end of 2003, twenty-nine cultural and natural properties in China have been inscribed on the World Heritage List: the Great Wall running 6,300 kilometers, the terracotta warriors and horses buried with the First Qin Emperor (210 BC), the majestic Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the holy Taoist mountain of Wudang Shan, the sacred Buddhist mountain of Emei Shan, the great irrigation project of Dujiangyan, the picturesque nature reserve of Huanglong, and the perfect habitat of Suzhou Classical Gardens, etc. They are the witnesses of human development, from benightedness to rationality and wisdom. They belong not only to the Chinese nation but also to the whole world.

The present book takes you on an information-filled journey to all the 29 properties in China that have made the World Heritage List by virtue of their great cultural value or their outstanding scenic charm or by virtue of a combination of the two.

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