Auricular Points Chart


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Auricular Points Chart

Author: Editor-in-Chief: Deng Liangyue

Order No. 5207

ISBN-13: 9787506701167

ISBN-10: 7506701162

Binding: Several items contained in plastic bag

Publisher: China Medico-pharmaceutical Science and Technology Publishing House

Pub Year: 1989

Pages: 14 (Explanation), 5 charts

Language: English

Size: 7.5 x 10.25 (Explanation); 20.5 x 30 (charts)

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The package includes one explanation of the points and five charts as follows: 1) Standard nomenclature of auricular points names and locations (43); 2) The plan of standardization for auricular points (90); 3) Chinese commonly-used auricular points (119); 4) Auricle anatomical names and the distribution of blood vessels and nerves; 5) Names of the points on the auricle and the sketch chart of the Zang-fu organ projection.

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