Autumn Dialogues


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Autumn Dialogues

Author: Ma Xiaoqiu
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ISBN-13: 9781622460984
ISBN-10: 1622460987
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books
Pub Year: 2021
Language: English
Size: 6 x 9
Page: xiii, 224
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The chapters in Autumn Dialogues are not a complete exploration of any idea—nor do they try to be. Instead, they come together as contemplations on a wide variety of topics. You will read Madam Ma Xiaoqiu’s thoughts on traditional Chinese medicine, the inherent resilience of the bamboo; the Inner Self portrayed in a mirror; solitude as joy; culture woven into handmade garments, the Phoenix; how vital culture is for both urban and rural communities in China; and a passage of memorable sensitivity describing three women who made an impression on her.

Other explorations, more public in nature, discuss the right way to treat employees; internal promotion versus hiring outside talent; the absolute necessity for positivity and focus; and using the 5,000 year old Tao Te Ching (also known as The Book of Changes) as the practical foundation for the operations of a thriving multinational enterprise.

In terms of genre, it comes closest to a series of meditations: they are brief but specific; they can be read separately or in sequence; they are sparse but paint an indelible picture; they are sometimes poetic, sometimes prosaic; and any conclusions reached are sometimes practical, sometimes aesthetic. The passages are fleeting, thin, and transient, and yet they remain in the mind long after reading.



Born in the Land of Abundance–Chengdu, Sichuan province, Madam Ma Xiaoqiu is an elegant wise woman and an angel investor with sagacious visions. Ma is founder and president of the China DYF Group, and serves as chairman of the Hong Kong listed multi-billion dollar asset management firm she cofounded in 2011. In the 1980s, she went to South China and started her business when the country was opening up to the outside world. She once achieved success in founding research institute and company in Hainan province.

A self-made billionaire, her entrepreneurial spirit and the unique management style she brings to the company are detailed in her book Autumn Dialogues. In the past 40 years, China has introduced advanced foreign technology and created the miracle that Chinese products are sold all over the world. Meanwhile, Ma Xiaoqiu has been persevering in Shenzhen, doing her utmost to build a national brand, and applying Chinese wisdom to enterprise practice successfully on the basis of cultural self-confidence.

Madam Ma Xiaoqiu is versatile in many fields–literature, art, music, education, and pop culture. She is Chair at the 24th Family Film Awards in Los Angeles.





Gerard Donovan was born in Ireland and is a graduate of the prestigious Writing Seminars at The Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, USA. His first novel was a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers pick and was nominated for the Booker Prize. His third novel, Julius Winsome, became an international success, appearing in fourteen languages. Newspapers around the world hailed it as a masterpiece. The New Yorker said: “Donovan delivers with devastating force,” and The Financial Times called it “Enormously resonant and beautiful.” A Mandarin edition is forthcoming. Until 2017 he was a Reader in English at Plymouth University, England.


Dr Jeannie Jinsheng Yi is the author of several influential business books on corporate culture and corporate governance. The Haier Way was recommended by the US Chamber of Commerce to American CEOs traveling to China. Dr Yi has acted as an international consultant on entertainment and financial projects that bridge China and the West. She has brought Twentieth Century Fox and Village Roadshow to China to create IP-based theme parks. She currently serves as co-executive producer of the 24th Family Film Awards as it grows from its American roots and reaches a truly global audience.

She received her PhD in Literature from Washington University in St Louis.




Ma Xiaoqiu is an extraordinary lady—billionaire entrepreneur, philanthropist, educator, innovator, and performer. And now she has written a moving compilation of her thoughts, concerns, and hopes for her world, for China, and for any reader who can respect this multi-faceted, selfless, and immensely talented success who is a model for anyone wise enough to appreciate Ms. Ma’s heartfelt writing and her advice and counsel on how to steer a clear path toward sustainable development.

Porter Bibb, former Newsweek White House Correspondent


This account of the cultural heritage and the ability to turn one’s culture into a life force shines upon the essence of who we are. Such mentality and the world view of harmony and self control will surely help bring an end to violence, hate, racism and discrimination and Ms Ma with her book Autumn Dialogues has just done that. The world needs this book especially now in the time of change. This is what we need today in the life changing world, a life so determined by super high speed development of technology and science. We still need to hold onto what makes us a human–our humanity and our culture.

–Dr. Olympia Gellini, founder & president of Family Film Award.





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