Basic Exercises of the Liang-style Eight Diagrams Palm


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The Basic Exercises of the Liang-style Eight Diagrams Palm


Demonstrator: Zhang Quanliang

Order No. D1110

ISBN: 7887211255


Picture Format: NTSC (good for North American users)

Length: 112 min.

Number of Disc: 1

Language: Chinese with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles

Publisher: People’s Sports Audio & Video Publishing House

Price: $14.95

This program describes the similarities and differences between the Liang-style eight diagrams palm boxing and other styles, introducing its characteristic hand techniques, footwork and postures and the move-in-circle method. Contents include the main style and features of Liang-style eight diagrams palm, the understanding and requirements in the move-in-circle exercises, 6 mind drills and 2 compulsory measures.

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