Cantonese Opera in China (Illustrated)


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Cantonese Opera in China (Illustrated)

Author: Wang Kui 
Translators: Chen Shangzhen
Order No. 1115
ISBN-13: 9781622460090
ISBN-10:  162246009X
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books
Pub Year: 2016
Language: English
Size: 6.5 x 9.5
Page: 135
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About the Book

Cantonese opera originated, evolved and reached its maturity in the Lingnan region of south China, famous for its unique local colors and ethnical characteristics. Cantonese opera evolved from the ten-role constitution and six-leading-role system, eventually forming the cast of star-actors or star-actresses. The routine arrangement of a series of stage performance produces the conventional bridges of the performing assembly on the stage which is often very expressive in arousing the audience’s reaction.

The scripts of Cantonese opera come frequently with the adaption of the first-class literary works, represented by the repertoire of eighteen plays. The script outline gives the performers freedom to show their talent and skills on the one hand, challenge them on the other hand with difficulties of unpreparedness. The literary tradition in Cantonese opera emphasizes the comprehensive presentation of the verse chanting, stage image and the effect of storytelling. The combination of film and Cantonese opera extends the artistic expression from the traditional stage.

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About the Author

Wang Kui is a researcher in the Chinese National Academy of Arts and the Deputy Director of its Research Institute of Chinese Opera. Wang Kui’s present academic research is mainly on the theoretical history of ancient operas, the research on the performing system in Chinese operas, and the research on the Buddhist folk-customs. The monographs of his publications include PuppetrySalvation in Spirit Festival and Goodness Instructed by Mu LianImages of Literary People from Gu Shan: An Essay on the Three-Hundred-Year’s Xiao Qing WaveThe Cantonese OperaThe Buddhist Xiang Hua: Religious Arts and Local Society in the Historical Changes, and Research on the Buddhist Xiang Hua Music of Hakkas in Meizhou, etc.

About the Translator

Chen Shangzhen, PhD in English literature, is an editor of the Journal of Zhanjiang Normal University, a journal belonging to a university which is located in a beautiful tropical littoral city in Guangdong. He is also an associate professor, teaching English literature and courses of civilizations in his university. Dr. Chen loves reading and has published research papers on the versification of English lyric poetry.

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