Chen-style Taijiquan Small Frame Series: Double Broadswords


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Chen-style Taijiquan Small Frame Series: Double Broadswords

陈式太极拳小架系列 — 双刀

Demonstrator: Chen Yongfu

Order No. D1206

ISBN: 7887211603


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Number of Disc: 1

Language: Chinese with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles

Publisher: People’s Sports Audio & Video Publishing House

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This is one of the Chen-style taiji double weapon routines. There are 35 forms in this routine. Its main techniques include cutting, hacking, arcing, parrying, thrusting, crossing, crosscutting, pressing, pushing, slicing, sweeping, supporting and figure-8 forms. With generous body work, and agile and stable footwork, the double broadsword are played, fully embodying Chen-style taijiquan features of hardness and softness in harmony, fastness and slowness in interval, relaxing, activeness, flipping and shaking in force application.

Practicing the routine of double broadsword, the broadsword must be combined well with steps, as the saying goes that “when playing single broadsword, watch your hand; when playing double broadswords, watch your footwork”, which emphasizes the importance of your footwork in practicing double broadswords. So you want to exercise the footwork well, you should use taijiquan as the basis. When you grasp the sturdy basic skills of taijiquan, you can really reflect the styles and characteristics in practicing, with broadsword like flowing water and footwork like flying, twining or wrapping head is quick and forcefully.

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