China’s Jiangnan Region in Black and White


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China’s Jiangnan Region in Black and White


Written by Fei Zhenzhong

Photographed by Shen Yuhao

Translated by Huang Junye

Order No. 1216

ISBN-13: 9781622461103

ISBN-10:  162246110X

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books

Pub Year: 2023

Language: English

Size: 6.3 x 10.25

Page: 185

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About the Book


China’s Jiangnan Region in Black and White is a book of pictures (with some three-page spreads) and essays about Jiangnan, the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in China. In this book, readers could see typical scenery of Jiangnan, such as alleys paved with blue stones, buildings by the river with piers and boats, tea houses, dyeing workshops, various bridges, ancestral halls and sacrifices… Readers would encounter women picking mulberry leaves or lotus seeds, embroiderers in the Dongshan Hill, girls selling combs or flowers, an old man selling porridge at midnight, girls living by the river and lads on the boats, old men from Lili, countryside literati, beautiful women washing cloth… Readers could hear the raindrops on the black tiles in rainy season, sounds of swallows nested in old houses, songs sung by working people…



About the Author 作者介绍


Fei Zhenzhong was born in Xinghua, Jiangsu province, China. After he graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature in Yangzhou Normal College in 1986, he served as the editor of the magazine Yu Hua, the deputy director and then the associate senior editor of the creative writing and research department of the Writers Association of Jiangsu Province. His works include Traditional Chinese Medicine and Doctors, Age of Depravity, Scholar-officials in Jiangnan and Literature in Jiangsu, etc.


About the Photographer 摄影家介绍


Shen Yuhao was born in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, China. As a photographer, his has ever won a grand prize in an UN photo contest throughout Asia-Pacific regions, a bronze award at the National Photographic Art Exhibition, and the first prize of feature stories funded by China Association of Pictorials, etc.


About the Translator 翻译介绍


Huang Junye, born in Linyi, Shandong province, received her bachelor’s degree in English from Beijing Foreign Studies University and master’s degree in Chinese literature from Zhejiang University. Since 2003, she has been working as a teacher in Hangzhou Dianzi University.





Table of Contents

●  何处看桥 12 Bridges in Jiangnan

●  某个季节寻找一个茶馆和一位茶客 20 To Find a Tea House and a Guest in a Season

●  与瓦有关 28 About Tiles

●  青石小街 34 Blue-stone Lane

●  千年呢喃 42 Swallows

●  挂满蓝花布的染坊 48  A Dyeing Workshop Full of Indigo-white-pattern Cloth

●  戏台 52 Stages

●  青色三月 56 Green Late Spring

●  小楼、杏花与插杏花的瓷瓶 60 Small Storied Building, Apricot Flower and Porcelain Jar

●  乡儒们的理想家园 64 The Ideal Home of the Countryside Confucians

●  谁家庭院谁家花 70 Whose Courtyard? Whose Flowers?

●  阿香的花窗 76 Axiang’s Carved Window

●  卖木梳的青云 82 Qinyun Selling Wooden Combs

●  东山绣娘 86 The Woman Embroiderer in Dongshan Hill

●  午夜里的风灯或叶伯伯的粥担 90 The Lantern at Midnight

●  坊间 98 Fang Jian

●  关于一所旧宅院的真相 102 Truth of an Old House

●  祠堂力量 112 The Power of Ancestral Halls

●  说书人 118 Story-tellers

●  黎里的三个老人 122 The Three Old Man in Lili

●  码头与一个男孩 128 The Pier and the Boy

●  古村的雨 132 The Old Village in Rain

●  为一棵香樟树感谢 138 A Camphor Tree

●  去浣纱的地方 144  A Visit to the Place Where Xishi Washed Cloth

●  采桑的女人 150 Women Picking Mulberry Leaves

●  江南可采莲 154 To Gather Lotus Seeds in Jiangnan

●  苎麻地!苎麻地! 160 Ramie Field! Ramie Field!

●  随青溪沉入 164 The Qingxi River

●  三十六陂塘 168 The Sanshiliubei Pond

●  无声的停泊 176 A Silent Boat

●  御码头、御道与御诗碑 180 Imperial Wharves, Imperial Streets, and Imperial Steles of Poems


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