China’s Museums


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China’s Museums

Author: Li Xianyao and Luo Zhewen; Translated by Martha Avery

Order No. 3182

ISBN-13: 9787508506036

ISBN-10: 7508506030

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: China Intercontinental Press

Pub Year: 2004

Pages: 202

Language: English

Size: 6.75 x 9

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This book provides a cultural matrix of China’s vast wealth of history as displayed in the country’s many museums. The vivid photos and excellent text contribute to a greater understanding of Chinese history. The book is divided into 10 chapters and subdivided by individual museum.

Part of the educational and beautifully produced Cultural China Series, this book focuses on the wealth of objects and remains that have been preserved in China’s museums. The author contends that understanding China’s long history solely through the study of documents is clearly inadequate. A wealth of objects and remains has been preserved, and this raw material of history can, in a certain sense, be considered more valuable for our understanding of the past than documents and historical records. One can see many of China’s cultural treasures in Western museums. Some of these are exquisite works of art, but at the same time they are fragments that have been removed from the original matrix of their being. To enjoy a complete and systematic experience of Chinese cultural history, one must visit the museums of their native land.

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