Chinese Auricular Therapeutics


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Chinese Auricular Therapeutics

Author: Chief-Editor: Liu Xiaoyan

Order No. 5206

ISBN-13: 9787530417485

ISBN-10: 7530417487

Binding: Several items contained in plastic bag

Publisher: Beijing Science and Technology Press

Pub Year: 1995

Pages: 179

Language: English

Size: 7.25 x 10.25

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The package contains one copy of book, one piece of treatment depressor of otopoint, 500 magnetic beads, and 10 otoneedles. The book comprises five chapters: 1) Auricular principle; 2) Auricular points; 3) Auricular diagnostic methods; 4) General auricular therapeutic methods; 5) Auricular acupuncture therapy of the common diseases.

Information on Chinese auricular therapeutics and how to apply it to the common diseases by using the tools appended to the book.

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