Chinese Bronze Ware


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Chinese Bronze Ware (Cultural China Series)


Author: Li Song

Order No. 3222

ISBN-13: 9787508513256

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: China Intercontinental Press

Pub Year: 2009

Language: English

Size: 6 x 9

Page: 157

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The emergence of bronze ware is an important chapter in the civilization history of human being. Though China is not the first country to make bronze ware in the world, it has enjoyed a unique position in the world history relying on the great variety of bronze ware, plenty of shapes, fine casting techniques and profound historical and cultural connotations. The book introduces the splendid bronze culture of ancient China with clear and vivid description. It seems that you could hear the voice from the bronze age and experience the unique styles of the time by reading the introduction of the rare bronze ware in the book.

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