Chinese Conversation for Foreigners, Vol. 1


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Chinese Conversation for Foreigners, Vol. 1

Author: Zhao Jinming
Order No. 15137
ISBN-13: 9787561910498
ISBN-10: 7561910495
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: BLCUP
Year: 2003
Pages: 242
Size: 7X10
Language: Chinese-English
Price: $19.50

Vol. I has 20 lessons (Lessons 1 to 20), covering basic conversational Chinese topics such as greeting, self-introduction, asking time, age, plan for weekend, buying ticketing, asking directions, etc. Lessons are arranged mostly in the following order: typical sentence patterns, text in Chinese and pinyin, new word and text notes in English and Chinese, language points, notes on phonetics, comprehensive exercises, with illustrations.

Series Introduction: This new series, two volumes in total, is designed for foreigners who are interested in studying spoken or conversational Chinese, aiming to help foreigners find a way or road to acquire the necessary skills to spoken Chinese.

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