Chinese Culture: Chinese Embroidery / Chinese Silk


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Chinese Culture: Chinese Embroidery / Chinese Silk

中国文化系列:刺绣 / 丝绸

Order No. D3001

ISBN: 7885184420

EAN: 6937475383175

Picture Format: NTSC (good for North American users)

Length: 59 min.

Number of Disc: 1

Language: Chinese with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles

Publisher: Guangzhou Audio & Video Publication

Pub Year: 2007

Price: $14.95

This DVD program demonstrates the development of the Silk Road in northern plain, the southwest and the sea by relating it to the cultural exchanges between China and the west countries. Meanwhile, you will see the continuous development of the Chinese silk craftsmanship and the various tastes in art of different dynasties.

Su, Xiang, Yue, Shu are the most famous four styles of embroidery throughout the world. The DVD also displays the development these four styles embroidery since the time of Ming and Qing so that you can know more about the vivid Chinese embroidery.

Instruction: The following introduction is in Chinese. If your computer doesn’t show Chinese characters, please right click your mouse, select Encoding and then select Chinese Simplified to read in Chinese.


苏绣、湘绣、粤绣、蜀绣,被称为四大名绣而驰名中外,《中国刺绣》一片将向您一一呈现四大名绣自明清以来的发展趋势,让您充分领略中国刺绣 “绣花能生香,绣鸟能听声,绣虎能奔跑,绣人能传神”的迷人风采。

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