Chinese For Beginners (4 Tapes)


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Chinese For Beginners (4 Tapes)

Author: Jianji Lu
Order No. 15176
ISBN-13: 9787887031204
ISBN-10: 7887031206
Publisher: BLCUP
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4 tapes only for the book Chinese For Beginners. DOES NOT INCLUDE TEXTBOOK.

Series Introduction:

One of the most popular textbooks for beginners, the course is practical, simple, precise and interesting. Each lesson is composed of the following sections: New Words, Text, Phonetics, Initials and finals, Tones, Stress and intonations, Grammar, and Exercises.

All Volumes in the Series:

Textbook, Order No 15175, ISBN: 7561911173
Tapes for Textbook, Order No 15176
Listening Book, Order No 15177, ISBN: 7561911386
Tapes for Listening, Order No 15178
Chinese Character Workbook, Order No 15179, ISBN: 7561911394

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