Chinese For Beginners (Listening) Textbook


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Chinese For Beginners (Listening)

Author: Jianji Lu
Order No. 15177

ISBN-13: 9787561911389

ISBN-10: 7561911386
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: BLCUP
Year: 2003
Pages: 307
Size: 7X10
Language: Chinese-English
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This book is a companion to Chinese for Beginners to train beginners of Chinese in listening comprehension. It consists of two parts: Part I is the exercises which include the written work to be done by the learner while listing but not the oral work. Part II is the Tapescript that can be used as an instructor’s guide and, in part, as the key to exercise.

Series Introduction:

One of the most popular textbooks for
beginners, the course is practical, simple, precise and interesting. Each lesson is composed of the following sections: New Words, Text, Phonetics, Initials and finals, Tones, Stress and intonations, Grammar, and Exercises.

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