Chinese Herbal Medicine (Clinical Essentials Series)


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Chinese Herbal Medicine (Clinical Essentials of Contemporary Series Chinese Medicine)



Author: Liu Gongwang
Order No. 5152
ISBN-13: 9787508022826
ISBN-10: 7508022823
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Hua Xia Publishing House
Pub Year: 2001
Pages: 552
Language: English
Size: 7.5 x 10.5
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This book introduces about 500 Chinese herbs. Special notations are attached to emphasize similar herbs when they re compared. There are five references that present a classification of herbs, modern research, and its selection according to symptoms, syndromes and diseases. The book has a general introduction and six parts. Part one is about purgatives and tonifying drugs. Part two is about drugs for regulating body temperature. Part three is about drugs for Qi and blood diseases. Part four is about drugs for expelling water-dampness. Part five is about drugs for treating phlegm, coughing and asthma. Part six is about drugs for mental diseases. Text is in English, with Chinese characters for some key TCM terms. With b&w illustrations and tables.


Series Introduction:

The Clinical Essentials of Contemporary Series Chinese Medicine consists of three books: Chinese Herbal Medicine (ISBN 7508022823, hardcover), Development of Formulas of Chinese Medicine (ISBN 7508027973, paperback), and Fundamentals of Formulas of Chinese Medicine (ISBN 7508019954, paperback). The aim of this series is to integrate the knowledge of the ancient and the present, emphasize the main points, use simple and clear language and retain the essence and depth of TCM. This series is designed mainly for clinical physicians and foreign scholars who have some understanding of TCM.

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