Chinese Humorous Stories


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Chinese Humorous Stories

Author: Liang Yanmin

Order No. 15283

ISBN-13: 9787561911655

ISBN-10: 7561911653

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: BLCUP

Pub Year: 2004

Pages: 210

Language: English and Chinese

Size: 4.5 x 7.5

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Chinese Humorous Stories is an after-school reading supplemented to the Chinese textbooks for the foreign beginners or those who have some basic knowledge of Chinese. This book covers a wide range of materials selected from books, websites, magazines, newspapers, radio programs and even desk calendars. Some of the stories are presented in brief prose form, while others are presented in dialogue form. Some of the stories featured are “Uneasiness,” “The Ring,” “It’s Really a Pity,” and “The Eiffel Tower.” With b&w illustrations.

Series Introduction:

The Practical Chinese Learning Series includes seven titles reflecting various aspects of life. The content of each book is practical but the format is vivid. Some titles have matching CDs. All with black and white illustrations.

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