Chinese Painting for Beginners (3DVDs)


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Chinese Painting for Beginners (3DVDs)

学画中国画 3DVD
Order No. 16041
ISBN: 9787884306299
Picture Format: NTSC (good for North American users)
Length: 200 min.
Number of Disc: 3
Language: Audio in Chinese and English, with Chinese and English Subtitles
Publisher: Beauty Media
Pub Year: 2009



Chinese painting covers all the traditional Chinese drawings, which has another name as Chinese Brush Painting or Ink Painting. It is an artwork on rice paper or silks by brushes, with ink as main coloring agent and water as blending agent. The theme involves people, sceneries, animals, and plants. The techniques consist of fine brushwork and freehand brushwork, which are of strong Chinese features. Zhou Junda, chief lecturer of this DVD series, is good at drawings in natural and fresh style. He has published many works and given lectures on TV media about drawing techniques on Chinese painting. His lectures are original, clear-cut, enabling you to master painting skills in an easy way.




中国画是中国传统民族绘画的统称。 也称国画或水墨画。它以墨为主要颜料,以水为调和剂,以毛笔为主要工具, 以宣纸和绢帛为载体。作画的题材主要有人物、山水、花鸟,技法可分工笔和写意两种,极其富有民族特色。主讲老师周君达作品画法自然,以清新秀丽见长,他的作品常在国际上展出并在电视媒体上公开讲授有关学画中国国画的技巧。他讲授方法独到,条理清晰,让你容易掌握学画的技巧。


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