Chinese Qigong Essentials


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Chinese Qigong Essentials



Author: Cen Yuefang
Order No. 5228
ISBN-13: 9787800053009
ISBN-10: 7800053008
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: New World Press
Pub Year: 1996
Pages: 189
Language: English
Size: 6 x 9
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The book is written in three parts. Part I offers a general treatment of the subject, the meaning of qigong, its origin and development, basic principles and methods of practice, its value as a healing art, recent achievements in scientific research, etc. Part II introduces a range of basic exercises widely practice in China. Easy to learn and illustrated for convenience, the exercises detailed can be readily picked up by the reader. Though simple, these exercises have proved highly effective in maintaining good health and fighting disease. Part III contains articles written by two North Americans about their personal experience in practicing qigong as a miraculously effective healing art.


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