Chinese Religions: Chinese Taoism


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Chinese Religions: Chinese Taoism




Order No. D7001
ISBN: 7887460743
EAN: 6937475384134
Picture Format: NTSC (good for North American users)
Length: 60 min.
Number of Disc: 1
Language: Chinese with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles
Publisher: China Intercontinental Audiovisual Press
Pub Year: 2007
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Taoism, a combination of many traditional Chinese beliefs and health preserving practices, is a native religion of China with Lao Tse as its founder. This DVD program is about the origin, evolvement of Taoism as well as its great impacts upon China’s traditional literature, philosophy, medicine, chemistry and health preservation. Special efforts have been made to trace Taoism in modern Chinese people’s everyday life.


Instruction: The following introduction is in Chinese. If your computer doesn’t show Chinese characters, please right click your mouse, select Encoding and then select Chinese Simplified to read in Chinese.

道教是中国土生土长的宗教。老子被奉为道教始祖。 本集DVD将简述中国道教起源、发展,展示出道教对中国传统文化如文学、哲学、医学、化学、养生等各个方面的深远影响,特别是要重点探寻道教在今天中国民间和普通老百姓日常生活中的影子和痕迹。

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