Chinese Yuanbao Qigong


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Chinese Yuanbao Qigong

Author: Yang Qiyuan
Order No. 5060

ISBN-13: 9787800053924

ISBN-10: 780005392X
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: New World Press
Pub Year: 1998
Pages: 194
Size: 6×9
Language: English

A complete guide to Yuanbao Qigong, its theories, system and treatment, etc. Chinese Yuanbao Qigong is one of the more remarkable qigong techniques. This book lays stress on its applicability, its theories which are closely related to the most common theories and themes of traditional Chinese medicine, and its easy-to-learn movements. From a different angle, the book also conveys the romantic charm, the techniques and the scientific research that has been conducted into Yuanbao Qigong.

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