Crime and Punishment in Indian Society


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Crime and Punishment in Indian Society

Author: Cecil Walsh
Order No. 51070
ISBN: 8187226293
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 1999
Pages: 230
Language: English

The records of crime in India present peculiar features. The cases collected in this volume, with certain exceptions, have been chosen as types and illustrations rather than as eccentricities and abnormalities. The author in his study has found an enormous difference between the number of cases registered and those convicted. He has found that the large proportion of the cases of violence in India arise out of hot blood, ungovernable temper and the natural inclination of the villagers who is generally miles away from any police, to take the law into his hands and to fight out his quarrel on the spot and the increase in crime is also attributed to lack of education, the narrowness of their religion, the climate, and lack of reasoning and self control.

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