Cultural Flow Between China and Outside World Throughout History


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Cultural Flow Between China and Outside World Throughout History

Author: She Fuwei
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ISBN-13: 9787119004310

ISBN-10: 711900431X

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Foreign Languages Press

Pub Year: 1996

Pages: 416

Language: English

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In this book, the author uses vivid descriptions, ancient legends, archaeological data and Chinese and foreign literature – all carefully chosen and verified. The book consists of ten chapters divided into two parts; the six chapters in Part One cover the historical cultural exchange and amalgamation of China and the Western Regions; the four chapters in Part Two detail the introduction of modern sciences and the reform of traditional Chinese culture.

The main focus of the book has three aspects: first, an introduction of the historic ‘bridges’ and passages of East-West cultural exchange; second, an explanation of the scope and scale of such exchanges; and third, an analysis of the inter-action of Chinese and foreign cultures and a look at the future of Chinese culture. The book also contains many colored as well as black-and-white pictures, in addition to two maps showing “East-West Communication in the Year 200” and “The Westward Spread of China’s Five Great Inventions,” as well as an Index at the end.

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