Deng Xiaoping and the Cultural Revolution


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Deng Xiaoping and the Cultural Revolution: A Daughter Recalls the Critical Years

Author: Deng Rong

Order No. 7050

ISBN-13: 9787119030401

ISBN-10: 711903040X

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Foreign Languages Press

Pub Year: 2002

Pages: 481

Language: English

Size: 6 x 9

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Deng Xiaoping and the Cultural Revolution provides fascinating insight into the life, career, and family struggles of Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping during the tumultuous decade of the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). Written by his daughter from an insider’s perspective, this highly detailed account sheds new light on one of the most chaotic periods in Chinese history. This book is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in contemporary China. With b&w photos.

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