Designs of Chinese Blessings: Wealth


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Designs of Chinese Blessings: Wealth

Author: Huang Quanxin

Order No. 3125

ISBN-13: 9787800528934

ISBN-10: 7800528936

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Sinolingua Press

Pub Year: 2003

Pages: 245

Language: Chinese and English

Size: 6 x 8

Price: $11.75

Book Five of Designs of Chinese Blessings series, with lucky drawings representing Wealth in traditional Chinese pictures. With b&w illustrations. This is a compilation of lucky drawings handed down for generations. There are five volumes in the series: Good Fortune, High Salary, Longevity, Happiness and Wealth. With 119 pictures in each volume, the whole series contains 595 pictures and is a complete representation of the various aspects of traditional Chinese good luck pictures.

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