Encyclopaedia of South Asia (5 vols.)


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Encyclopaedia of South Asia (5 vols.)

Author: S.K. Khanna, K.N. Sudarshan
Order No. 51073
ISBN: 8170249198
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 1998
Pages: 1423
Language: English

The South Asian region, which comprises that present-day states of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives, has long been significant in world affairs. For 5000 years it has been one of the main centers of civilization continually enriching societies beyond its borders and in turn being enriched from outside. Four and a half thousand years ago many millenia of human development reached a striking in the Indus valley cities of Mohenjodaro and Harappa. The aim of this encyclopaedia of the countries of South Asia is, to make their worlds accessible to as wide a public as possible. At the same time there is the aim of offering new knowledge to the specialist.

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