English-Chinese Applied Anatomical Atlas of Acupoints


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English-Chinese Applied Anatomical Atlas of Acupoints


Author: Yan Zhenguo

Order No. 5240

ISBN-13: 9787810107037

ISBN-10: 7810107038

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Shanghai University of TCM Press
Pub Year: 2003

Language: English-Simplified Chinese

Size: 8 x 11

Page: 183

Price: $69.95

The Atlas is a large collection of color photographs of the meridians, acupoints and anatomic structure of the human body. It has accurately described the structural features and location of acupoints, needling techniques, indication, procedure of insertion and the important internal organs around. It has also labeled the depth, direction and angle of needling. The application of CT to acupoints, microscopic structure of acupoints, the receptors in the acupoints and the histochemistry of acupoints are also included in the Atlas.

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