Essentials of HSK: Listening (Elem. & Interm.), 5 Tapes


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Essentials of HSK: Listening (Elementary & Intermedidate), 5 Tapes

Order No. 15541-T

ISBN-13: 9787887030719

ISBN-10: 7887030714

Publisher: BLCUP

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5 tapes only for the book Essentials of HSK: Listening (Elementary & Intermedidate). DOES NOT INCLUDE TEXTBOOK.

Series Introduction:

Essentials of HSk is a series of exercise books prepared for those who are going to sit on the elementary and intermediate HSK test (from Band 3 to Band 8). The exercise books comprise of four volumes: LISTENING, GRAMMAR, READING and COMPREHENSIVE EXERCISES. Each comprises of eight sets of special intensive training testing exercises and two sets of simulated tests with detailed explanations.

All Volumes in the Series:

Listening, Order No. 15541, ISBN: 7561911750

Tapes for Listinging, Order No. 15541-T, ISBN: 7887030714

CDs for Listening, Order No. 15541-C, ISBN: 7887031737

Comprehensive Exercises, Order No. 15543, ISBN: 756191038X

Tape for Comprehensive Exercises, Order No. 15543-T, ISBN: 7887030765

CD for Comprehensive Exercises, Order No. 15543-C, ISBN: 7887031729

Grammar, Order No. 15545, ISBN: 7561911769

Tape for Grammar, Order No. 15545-T, ISBN: 7887030722

CD for Grammar, Order No. 15545-C, ISBN: 7887031745

Reading, Order No. 15547, ISBN: 7561911777

Tape for Reading, Order No. 15547-T, ISBN: 7887030773

CD for Reading, Order No. 15547-C, ISBN: 7887031753

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