Essentials of Traditional Chinese Medicine


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Essentials of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Author: Ouyang Bing and Gu Zhen; Translated by Lu Yubin

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ISBN-13: 9787533118433

ISBN-10: 753311843X

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Shandong Science and Technology Press

Pub Year: 1996

Pages: 209

Language: English

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The book aims at introduction to the basic theories and concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM.)

It consists of eight parts. Part one is a brief introduction to the general conditions of TCM; Part two covers the philosophic concepts and theories that have deeply influenced the formation and development of the TCM theories; Part three introduces the most important theories on human body in TCM; Part four deals with the Qi, blood and body fluid; Part five introduces the meridian theory; Part six is an introduction to the understanding of TCM on the etiological factors of diseases as well as occurrence of diseases; Part seven deals with the analysis of TCM about the occurrence, development and changes of diseases; Part eight introduces the basic ideas of TCM relating to the prevention and treatment of diseases.

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