Festivals of China’s Ethnic Minorities


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Festivals of China’s Ethnic Minorities


Author: Xing Li

Order No. 3511

ISBN-13: 9787508509990

ISBN-10: 7508509994

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: China Intercontinental Press

Pub Year: 2006

Language: English

Size: 6.75 x 9

Page: 128

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Part of the Ethnic Cultures of China series, the book describes the traditional ethnic festivals in China comprising six parts: Chinese New Year celebrations in different parts of China, festivals of production such as Festivals Praying for Harvest, sacrificial a commemorative festivals on which sacrifices are offered, such as the Dragon Boat Festival, religious festivals, recreational festivals like the Horse-racing Festivals of Nomadic Ethnic Groups, and women’s festivals like Flowers-picking Festival. With many color photos.

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