History of the Indigenous Indians


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History of the Indigenous Indians

Author: T.H.P. Chentharassery
Order No. 51022
ISBN: 8170249597
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 1999
Pages: 165
Language: English

Prostitution is one of those subjects the discussion of which has always been either evaded altogether, or justified and excused by being linked up with some praiseworthy social object or reform. The author was amazed to find that there was no modern comprehensive study of a sociological phenomenon which is of the most profound significance. There are some works which for the most part are fragmentary, prejudiced studies dealing with special phases of prostitution or with its relation to other sociological factors. So the author in his work has tried to deal the subject’ of prostitution with utmost honesty, his approach has been direct and he makes no excuse for it; offers no apology and believes the need exists for a work surveying the whole field of prostitution not with the jaundiced eye of a reformer or moralist, but with the dispassionate eye of a scientific observer.

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