Illustrations of Acupoint Locating Manual


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Illustrations of Acupoint Locating Manual

Chinese-English Pocket Edition (Colored)


Author: Gao Xi-yan

Order No. 5265

ISBN-13: 9787532396269

ISBN-10: 7532396266

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Shanghai Scientific & Technical Publishers

Pub Year: 2009

Pages: 144

Language: English-Chinese

Size: 4 x 5.5

Price: $12.95

This is one of the volumes in the Chinese-English Pocket Edition (Colored) series. It introduces 361 acupuncture points and meridians and the locating way of 33 frequently used acupuncture point. This book is open-and-shut by presenting ample content utilizing both literal and graphic vision. It’s a wise choice to apply this book as reference for acupuncture practitioners, TCM college students, and acupuncture fans from both home and abroad.

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