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Kashmir Loc

Author: M.G. Chitkara
Order No. 51164
ISBN: 8176484415
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 2003
Pages: 177
Language: English

Kashmir problem is the outcome of Partition of the country, which took place on August 14-15-1947 and solution to the problems lies in annulment of the partition. The Kashmir and other basic problems confronting Indian Peninsula namely, population, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment etc. can be successfully tackled through the unification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. LoC is nothing more than the cease fire line agreed to by Prime Minister Nehru in 1949, when he committed the monumental blunder of stopping the Indian army when it was on its way to evicting the Pakistanis from what is now Pakistan occupied Kashmir. From cradle to grave man has to face problem in life. Someone his own creation and some are attributed to the creator. Kashmir problem is the creation of man–the leaders-an outcome of their pride, prejudices, ego and false notions.

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