Learning about China from Newspapers, Book 1


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Learning about China from Newspapers: Elementary Newspaper Reading (Book 1)




Author: Wu Yamin
Order No. 15405
ISBN-13: 9787561914533
ISBN-10: 7561914539
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: BLCUP
Pub Year: 2005
Pages: 228
Language: Simplified Chinese-English
Size: 7.25 x 10.25
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This is Book 1 of Learning about China from Newspapers, an introductory course work for those students who have finished learning the basic Chinese grammar and mastered a vocabulary of approximately 2,500 words. The course consists of two volumes for one academic year.



The book selects news articles that cover a variety of topics, providing rich and interesting background information for foreign learners. It helps the students to improve their ability to learn and use Chinese words and expressions.

When selecting news stories and reports, the author of the book has the following two perspectives in mind:
1. The topics of the course correspond to those columns of typical newspapers such as “Highlightsâ€

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