Look and Learn Chinese (Kan Tu Shuo Hua), I


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Look and Learn Chinese (Kan Tu Shuo Hua), I


Author: Ding Yongshou
Order No. 15205

ISBN-13: 9787561910078

ISBN-10: 756191007X
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: BLCUP
Year: 2002
Pages: 174
Size: 7×10
Language: Chinese-English

The book is Chinese beginning learners. It makes the students practise oral expression through pictures.

Instruction: The introduction to this book is in Chinese. If your computer doesn’t show Chinese characters, please right click your mouse, select Encoding and then select Chinese Simplified to read in Chinese.

这是一本为初学汉语的外国学生编写的口语培训辅助教材。全书公分两册, 设置30课, 供对外汉语本科一年级学生使用。本书以单幅或连环画为素材, 通过看图说话的方式,形象的训练学生的口语表达能力。全书的内容包括:看图发音,这是什么,看图说话,对话, 词语,复述和补充生词,测试等部分。

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