Mount Tai Steles in China (Illustrated)


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Mount Tai Steles in China (Illustrated)


Series: Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity (A Set of 15 Titles)


Author: Ye Tao

Translator: Shen Jicheng

Order No. 1110

ISBN-13: 9781622460045

ISBN-10:  1622460049

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books

Pub Year: 2016

Language: English

Size: 6.5 x 9.5

Page: 102

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About the Book


Adapted and translated from an academic Chinese work, this book aims to unveil to the reader the thousand-year-old custom of Mount Tai steles, Shigandang.  The so-called Shigandang is usually in the form of a small stele or small statue which means a spiritual stone from Mount Tai that can block all evils. It is one of the few customs here which lasts so long, spreads so widely, possesses so many a believers and enjoys so huge an influence.


The book discusses the origin and evolution of Mount Tai steles, the ritual activity for setting them, and the spreading and distribution of Mount Tai steles inside and outside China. Importance is attached to the analysis of the main theoretical issues relating to the shaping of the belief, including its connection with the worship of spiritual stones, Mount Tai, language and characters, and Fengshi, etc. With large quantities of pictures, the book is believed and expected to be more comprehensible, authentic, and appealing to the reader. 


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About the Author


Ye Tao, J.D. in folklore, graduated from the Chinese Department of Shandong University in 1984. Ye had been a Professor at Shandong University and editor-in-chief of Folklore Studies, now a research fellow with the Institute of World Religions at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Ye’s research domains cover folklore theories and folk literature, Chinese folk beliefs, and so on. His major academic works include Studies on Mount Tai Incense Societies (2009), Mount Tai Steles of China (2007), Chinese Folklore (2004), Introduction to Folklore (2002), Customs of Peking Opera (1994), among others.


About the Translator


Shen Jicheng is an English teacher at the Xingzhi College, Zhejiang Normal University. Shen took his MA in English literature at Guangxi Normal University in 2000 and is now an associate professor at Zhejiang Normal University. His major research area is translation studies, and has so far published 10 academic papers in his home country.

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