New Practical Chinese Reader, Vol. 3: Textbook (4 CDs)


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New Practical Chinese Reader, Vol. 3: Textbook (4 CDs)

Order No. 15327
ISBN-13: 9787887032003
ISBN-10: 7887032008
Publisher: BLCUP
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4 CDs only for the book New Practical Chinese Reader, Vol. 3: Textbook. DOES NOT INCLUDE TEXTBOOK.

Series Introduction:

This 6-volume textbook series takes the readers from a beginner to an intermediate level. The series is designed for foreign students to learn about Chinese culture and society as they learn Mandarin. The book aims to improve their basic skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening with supplementary exercises, many illustrations, and charts. Each lesson includes text, new words, notes, conversation practice, reading comprehension, phonetics, grammar, characters and cultural notes. The entire series includes textbooks, student workbooks, instructor’s manuals, with audio cassettes or CDs. Some even with DVDs.

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