Pakistan: Past and Present


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Pakistan: Past and Present

Author: Prakash Chander
Order No. 51162
ISBN: 8176484474
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 2003
Pages: 419
Language: English

Pakistan, a nation for only fifty-five years, has had a turbulent history. Ruled by the military for half its existence, it has seen three wars with India and the loss of much of its territory. The combination of political instability, deep-seated economic and social problems, and access to nuclear weapons has made it one of the most strategically sensitive countries in the world. In this riveting history of Pakistan from 1947 to the present the author describes many fault lines in Pakistani Society. While most Pakistanis have a moderate, tolerant vision of Islam, the country’s central institutions are so weak that the military region may prove incapable of rescuing the “failed State” of Pakistan.

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