Picture Reading Classic: Sun Zi


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Picture Reading Classic: Sun Zi


Author: Li Qingshan

Order No. 6136

ISBN-13: 9787532611737

ISBN-10: 7532611736

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House

Pub Year: 2003

Language: Simplified Chinese-English

Size: 7 x 10.5

Page: 158

Price: $19.95

The book introduces the 13 war strategies by Sun Zi with the help of many gorgeous pictures and photos. In this book, each strategy has a brief introduction, the original text, notes, translations in modern mandarin Chinese and English, and the pictures and photos that match the content. The book also introduces the life of Sun Wu, the author of Sun Zi, and has an appendix that lists critical reviews of Sun Zi by celebrities all over the world.

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