Policing the Largest Democracy: 50 Years and After 1998


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Policing the Largest Democracy: 50 Years and After 1998

Author: James Vadackumchery
Order No. 51044
ISBN: 8170249791
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 1998
Pages: 215
Language: English

The defects in police behavior for the last 50 years can not be carried over to the 21st century as the people expect a professionally competent and behaviorally acceptable police service for the years to come. Will the INDIAN POLICE reach their destination? The OMEGA POINT? Or will it remain as an UTOPIAN HOPE? People discuss all these everywhere. Dr. James Vadackumchery who works in the police department for nearly 23 years answers all these and many questions. He is an academician, teacher and researcher in police studies. This book will provide sights and insights for behavioral modification-not only for the police but also for all those who are engaged in man-oriented services in many professions, particularly in law enforcement.

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