Public Administration in Asia (in 2 vols.)


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Public Administration in Asia (in 2 vols.)

Author: S. Kalyanaraman
Order No. 51094
ISBN: 8170243122(Set)
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 1991
Pages: 885
Language: English

The book is a massive compendium of Public Administration theories which are evaluated in the context of the experience of developing countries in Asia. The book is based on the author’s doctoral dissertation presented to the University of the Philippines. Providing a unique blend of theoretical perspectives and empirical evidence of three decades since the 1950’s, the book is a comparative study of the development experience of six large Asian countries: India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, and Thailand. The concepts of decision, power, participation and work are integrated within a framework of relational developmental database. Administrative, political, social and economic development administration are four facets related to the four concepts of decision, power, participation and work. Based on the experience of Public Administration in Asia, the book provides strong arguments for decentralized and participative structures to successfully face the development challenge.

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